Norwegian Fjord Horses


Click here to see Klosterhof's Akira, Klosterhof's Sole.

In 2019, Footnote's Solfylt will join this group and in 2020 it will be Footnote's Akela's turn. In 2021, it will be Footnote's Saga's turn. For now see these young ladies in the Youngster page.

Other Fjords


CFHA Reg. Delta Dawn, or Deedee as we call her, is a 14 year old mare that has had many foals and was in need of a new knowledgable home as her previous owner fell on hard times. As she is a full sister to our very own Kjanu (Bo Fjord's Cloudy) she just had to come to us. She has just weaned her last foal (placed) and has moved to our farm. She is typical of many fjords that come across my path needing a little help. She is now up to date on all the equine essentials. She is pushy and "stubborn" but she is kind and wants to please. With retraining we'll know more about where her life will lead. She is retired from breeding. Stay tuned!


In his 20's now, my first Fjord, Bo Fjord's Cloudy is enjoying his senior years with lots of turnout, a fitness program, and the occasional ride or draft remembering his hay days showing in Southern CA.

DLR Aldi

A nice pleasure ride and drive who has done therapy work and came to us in foal (Alwin was born in 2018). I'm enjoying getting to know her now she's back to work.


Imported from Europe and by the amazing sire Dylan she has had two foals and now is enjoying returning to working life.