Sales list updated Nov 2017

2018 Babies: Get on the list!

Scroll down to see more details about the Norwegian Fjord foals and Nigerian Dwarf kids that we will be expecting in 2018. (Sold horses shown at the bottom).

We try to have a going fjord available at any given time that may not be  listed as we typically use our working horses. Please enquire.

Norwegian Fjord Horses

2018 Fjord Babies: Get on the list!

With numbers of fjord foals registered on a record breaking decline buying a foal may soon be your best option to get your very own fjord. 

Some of next years foals will be for sale. Please contact us to get on the list  to get first choice. All foals will be kept for 3 months to assess future fit for our breeding program. Foals are weaned at approximately 6 months and will lead on halter, load in the trailer, have positive experience with vets and farriers, be well started on a deworming and vaccination program, and of course already love to be loved!

Expected breedings:

1/ Klosterhof's Akira x Kastenjegardens Fernando (Green Valley Farm) filly or colt may be available

2/ Klosterhof's Sole x Dylan (Fjordgestut Eitenmuller) colt or filly most likely retained serious breeders enquire by private treaty

3/ Lisa x Mogly (Bluebird Lane Farm) a filly will be retained, a colt will be available either this or 2016's Max

4/ Aldi x Smedsmo filly will be retained

Temperament and Conformation

Footnote Farm works very hard to maintain breed type and genetic variability, while at the same time breeding horses that today's North American fjord horse enthusiast craves: sound, surefooted, healthy, easy on the wallet and eyes, true all arounders with the ability to change disciplines as easy as changing tack.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Sales

2018 spring will welcome our first kids!

We have always loved this breed and will be excited to share our kids with you. Our goats are bred to be wonderful pets, for dairy production, or for a pint sized 4H project. Please contact us to place your reservation there will be a very limited number available to approved homes.

Sold Fjords

Footnote's Martini

2013 Mare ready to go to a show home with plenty of attributes and just the right temperament to make a great all around, trail, pleasure, and family horse.  Sold spring 2017 to OR

Trinity's Kittil

2007 Gelding acquired as a retrain prospect. Kittil is now enjoying love and life as a pleasure riding horse with show potential and a vaulting career in his future. Sold Spring 2017 to CA.

Could your new horse be the next post?

Footnote Farm supports all of our buyers and breeders and are committed to helping every horse that has passed through our aisle to maintain good training and health throughout their lifetime.

More Sold Fjords


2002 Norwegian Fjord mare; after giving us 2 lovely filly foals (Footnote's Marghrete and Footntoe's Martini) Mira has returned to her first love of teaching people to love the sport of riding. Sold 2015.

Footnote's Margarete

2012 Norwegian Fjord mare sold to enjoy the trails in sunny CA. Sold 2015.

Blue Raven Farm Myrna

2009 Norwegian Fjord mare full sister to Miramichi sold and loved for lessons, trials, and taking friends and family for rides on Vancouver Island. Sold 2014.


2008 imported as a filly this Norwegian Fjord mare was evaluated as a pramienfohlen and  intended for our breeding program but due to registration regulation changes she was too closely related to our own stallions or other outside stallions that fit our program at the time. She is now showing dressage in WA with an adult amateur. Sold 2014.


2008 imported as a filly this Norwegian Fjord mare was imported as a broodmare prospect but was a little petite and light of bone for our program. She is owned and loved in sunny CA. Sold 2012.

Sold Warmbloods

Footnote's Fiona

2015 3/4 WB x 1/4 percheron filly destined to jump sold to WA 2016.

Footnote's Riviera

2012 1/2 WB x 1/2 Percheron currently showing and loving life in Vancouver, BC Sold 2015


2001 percheron mare sold to WA to continue her life in dressage dam to Footnote's Riviera and Footnote's Mojito. Sold 2015

Footnote's Phoenix (Phenny)

2008 WB x percheron - our first foal! - gelding now eventing with his young adult rider here in BC Sold 2014

Footnote's Griffin

2009 WB gelding our last of the full WB's sold to TX as a weanling and still showing dressage with the same family as of 2016. (Sold 2010).

Holdback Girl (aka Sweetwater Holiday)

TB x Clydesdale sold in CA - bought as a broodmare prospect later trained and sold to a performance home. (Sold 2010)

Sold Warmbloods


I knew this mare as a young woman and jumped at the chance to have her. She is now enjoying semi retirement in WA.

Oregano Z (not in breeding program)

The fanciest horse I ever owned and the one who showed me where I truly  wanted to go. Sold to a young rider in CA.

Landis (not in breeding program)

A tiny gelding with a big heart went off to teach girls how to ride at Foxfield Riders in CA.

Gone but never forgotten...


My first horse as an adult scrimped and saved for. TB x Holstein.


The most loving and gentle horse to have ever graced my barn. Bred by Annheuser Busch she left her mark on us forever.


A tough mare in a pretty package she taught me a great deal.

Footnote's Faith

Tragically lost too soon.

Footnote's Grace

Peace be wtih this dear girl.

Footnote's River

The most beautiful colt - and a draft cross too - that I ever saw born.

More that we have loved and lost...

Nirvana aka William

If only we had longer sweet William....


The angel that was our Donkey .... gone too soon.