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Norwegian Fjord Horses, Lessons, and Boarding

Norwegian Fjord Horses, Lessons, and Boarding

Norwegian Fjord Horses, Lessons, and BoardingNorwegian Fjord Horses, Lessons, and BoardingNorwegian Fjord Horses, Lessons, and Boarding



Jan 19 ~ SOLD OUT! ~ audit space available - More dates added below with new topics! Feb 9 and Mar 1

With your own horse or one of ours learn how to train new obstacles  so that your horse will approach them calmly and with confidence while enjoying the task. In hand and/or ridden.

In this session we will cover -

- basic Learning Theory (aka Behavioural Science)

- progress how to train 3 basic but essential obstacles found in trail or cowboy challenges (water, curtain, bridge to plank)

- learn how to present new obstacles and how to trouble shoot so that both you and your horse progress as a confident team

COST: $100 inc GST ad $25 to use one of our horses and $25 to audit. 

Feb 9, 2020 12-3 pm

As our January session - we will have a brief orientation meeting to review the very basics of learning theory. Then we'll proceed to the indoor with the horses in hand and/or under saddle to enjoy lateral work on obstacles. You'll realize what fun and just how useful lateral work can be and give a new purpose to your work this show or trail season.

In this session we will cover -

~ Turn around box, planks, bridges

~ Logs and "rocks"

~ Gates - easy and fancy entry

If you attended the session in January this is a great progression. If you missed January, not a problem, you can jump in here!

(Bring your own horse - baby, adult, senior horses welcome. Use one of our horses $25. Auditors welcome and will be included in all aspects of discussion $25) 

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Mar 1, 2020 12-3pm

Indoor obstacles continued.

Following a brief orientation we will proceed with our horses to the indoor and take it to the next level!

In this session we will cover:

~ Water - how to progress, know when to make it harder, how to make it easier, and how to get out of trouble gracefully

~ Gates - hazards to watch for, what can go wrong and how to avoid it, how to make it fancy and be a show off!

~ Lateral work - over, under, and through the woods ~ how to use lateral work in the real world and create purpose in the show ring

Returning workshop attendees and new comers equally welcome.
$100 inc GST

($25 use of Footnote Farm horse OR auditor fee)