Dylan German Licensed Elite Stallion

Pedigree  (2016 Grandson Max shown) 

Dylan has innumerable progeny excelling in performance in Europe including the stallion Dexter and our own Lisa. Thanks to a great partnership with his owner in Europe we have the luxury of offering this living legend.

July 2018 update: sadly, Dylan passed away in his German homeland. We are very lucky to have a store of his semen her in Canada.

Pirke Licensed German Stallion

Pedigree  (2016 daughter Akela)

Pirke is has exceptional temperament that he passes on time and again and is traditional in type. He is a gentle horse used for tricks, circus games, and demonstrations, and is a family favourite at home in Germany

Vajeur Licensed German Stallion


Proven: dressage and eventing winner, trail horse wonder, lesson teacher. He's our go-to guy! 3 foals to his credit looking forward to more. And he's pretty too!

July 2018 update: Vajeur and I are enjoying ... everything! Dressage and Mountain Trail. This horse is truly a horse of a lifetime.