What is Footnote Farm?

Our Motto: for Peace of Mind

Footnote Farm began in 2006 in CA and moved to BC, Canada in 2011. Being a certified instructor with Equine Canada since 1994 and having completed a graduate degree in Psychology Jenny created the name as a play on her love for what it means to explain what has been before. Jenny's focus on the science of learning and animal behaviour creates the training foundation for all the animals at Footnote Farm from birth through life. 

Norwegian Fjords

We started our breeding program with Warmbloods but after finding my first fjord gelding as a "fun horse" I was hooked. We imported several fjords from Germany in 2009 and two pramienstute mares in foal in 2016. At right, is our last WB baby a 2013 Percheron x Andalusian cross or Spanish Norman. Along with this youngster we have a TB x Clyde also in retirement. To see more of our Warmbloods please refer to our sales page and scroll down.