Goat program changes


Pet Versus Dairy?

We have some amazing friends nearby who also breed Nigerian Dwarf Goats at Van H Acres  They do an amazing job with their dairy program! As such, I have passed on to them the dairy torch, and Curl Creek Lone Blossom! I will still breed a doe or two a year with an emphasis on pet quality. Message me if you are looking for a pet goat or two!


Cedar Green Oak


This young buck, Blaze to us, is all style with incredible conformation, brilliant colouring, blue eyes, wattles, and the most wonderful personality! http://www.clrc.ca/cgi-bin/pedigree.cgi?_breedcode=ND&_countrycode=CAN&_association=95&_regnumberprefix=D&_regnumber=146738&_regnumbersuffix=

Graceland RJ Johnny B Goode


Little Johnny is a crowd favourite with our family and the does. He is a humorous follow and cuddly. He is small and carries nice breed characteristics. http://www.clrc.ca/cgi-bin/pedigree.cgi?_breedcode=ND&_countrycode=CAN&_association=95&_regnumberprefix=D&_regnumber=144967&_regnumbersuffix=


Curl Creek Blossom


The gentle matriarch of our herd. She loves, really loves to cuddle. She is a good mother, and quality producer. She is bred to Johnny for and due April 2018.


Curl Creek Ginger


A quality doe with a nice topline and is easy on the eyes. She is the bravest of the group and doesn't take life too seriously. She has been bred to Cedar Green Oak, Blaze, and due April 2018. http://www.clrc.ca/cgi-bin/pedigree.cgi?_breedcode=ND&_countrycode=CAN&_association=95&_regnumberprefix=D&_regnumber=137370&_regnumbersuffix=

2018 Doelings

Footnote's Kiara


The last of the triplets born to Curl Creek Ginger x Cedar Green Oak this little gem of a doe aptly named from the Lion Guard character.

Curl Creek Calamity Jane


Another Curl Creek baby that we have been waiting for! Lacey x Marshall known for great tempered kids. We love her!