Lisa (Dylan)

Spring 2017: breeding to Mogly

Pedigree  Imported in 2009 from Germany 

Words can't describe how special this mare is. She embodies the absolute perfect balance between mordern type and traditional tempermant. Walks in the ring and wins ribbons and hearts.

Klosterhof's Akira (Fjolestaen)

Spring 2017: breeding to Fernando

Pedigree  Staatspramienstute 2006

Imported in 2016 she is our most traditional mare in terms of type and is much sought after. Impeccable temperament, brave, and gentle. Evaluated in conformation, riding, and driving in Germany.

Klosterhof's Sole (Resen)

Spring 2017: breeding to Dylan (see stallion page for details)

Pedigree  Staatspramienstute 2009

Imported from Germany in 2016 she is stunning and has quality performance horse movement. Evaluated in conformation, riding, and driving in Germany.

Coming Up

Future addition in the works.

This summer our relationship with another fjord farm grows deeper as we have the privilege of bringing another special mare in foal by a sweet boy of a stallion to Footnote Farm for a 2018 foal. More to come.

Reference Mares

Miramichi 2002 mare

Pedigree   After giving us two lovely filly foals by Vajeur (Marghrete and Martini) Mira is back to her first love - spreading the joy of riding with her new family in Vancouver, BC.

Purchased by Footnote Farm in 2008.

Arrived at our farm in CA.