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Norwegian Fjord Horses, Lessons, and Boarding

Norwegian Fjord Horses, Lessons, and Boarding

Norwegian Fjord Horses, Lessons, and BoardingNorwegian Fjord Horses, Lessons, and BoardingNorwegian Fjord Horses, Lessons, and Boarding

Footnote Equestrian is here!

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Riding Lessons MORE DAYS starting in January: Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun

Ages 4 and up!

Riders up to 200# (horsemanship, trick training, and driving available for those over 200#)

Conveniently located in South Langley at 22736 8 Ave (Langley Twp for GPS)

The Footnote Equestrian difference:


Safety is #1! for this reason all Beginner and Novice riders are taught exclusively in a private lesson format. We are an industry leader in this! You don’t need to worry about instructor student ratios or the appropriateness of your or your child’s horse or pony. 

Once a rider is independent from tacking up to putting away he or she will be invited and most welcome to grow into a semi-private or group lesson!

Our horses very well cared for medically and nutritionally.

Our tack, stable, lounge, and arenas are clean and well maintained.

We can enjoy the light and dry of our large, dust free indoor arena.

We have lovely trails that even our youngest riders can enjoy on lead line and our independent riders can test their wings in the big world outside!

Riding Lessons (School horse): 1 hr private

1 hour (riding lessons)

$80 (pack of 4 = $300)

Riding Lessons (School horse): 30 Minute Mites

30 minute lessons for the younger set 4-8 year olds

$50 (pack of 4 $180)

Bring your OWN horse for Riding Lessons

You are welcome to haul in for a lesson on your own horse with one of our instructors. Simply select the "own horse" lesson option when you book online.

1 hr (riding lessons)

$65 (pack of 4 = $240)

Semi Private Riding Lessons (2-3 students with instructor approval)

1 hour

$65 (pack of 4 = $240)

Practice Ride

Practice on your own (instructor approval required). 1 hour $40

(Multiple Day to Full lease options available on a per horse/rider basis).

Equine Canada Rider Level Testing

Coming Soon!!!

Footnote Equestrian Instructors


Your Instructors!

Jenny Barnes owns and operates Footnote Farm and has been a certified L1 (now Competition Coach) since 1994. She has taught in several disciplines over the years and has competed in upper level jumpers, hunters, equitation, medals, dressage, and more recently mountain trail, long distance riding, cowboy challenges, and thoroughly enjoys creating behavioural modification protocols.

 Jenny McGruer an EC Level 2 (Competition Coach Specialist) has a depth of experience as an instructor rarely paralleled in the industry today. She has competed in dressage, eventing, and jumpers. She has the amazing ability to both focus on creating fun and safe ways to teach a great foundation in her students and at the same time is able to push her advanced students to achieve what they didn't think possible.

Danielle Burgess is a Certified Horsemanship Association coach which emphasizes correct, safe instructional techniques. Danielle has competed in everything from barrel racing to jumpers. She enjoys bringing along her own and project horses. She has a very correct hunt seat Equitation style that she emparts in her instruction but she really enjoys working with students to reach their own unique goals.  

The Horses of Footnote Equestrian



D.L.R. Aldi came to us from Sunnyside Farms therapy program. She is trained as a PATH driving therapy horse but has also spent hours with special riders with emotional needs. Since coming to Footnote she has learned more arena basics and is very brave on the trail. She is as solid as they come for Walk/Trot and games for all levels of riders.



Deedee (CFHA registered name as Delta Dawn) found herself in a tough spot living on a mountain making lots of babies but her owner was in dire straights. She came here and despite being not well handled and very pushy, she was a survivor after all, has a heart of gold. Not one mean bone in her. She's healthy and is starting to develop into a great arena and trail horse. 



Our senior statesman and my first fjord. He has Cushing's but is well managed. Together, Jenny and Kjanu showed the folks at A shows in S CA what a fjord can do in the H/J arenas. He has taught Jenny's nieces to ride and her husband too. He loves being a lesson horse but don't let his cool looks deceive you - he's still spunky!



Princess Leia is a family pet and 4H project for our family but she doesn't mind lending a hand as a lead line horse for our smallest and most timid riders

Mary Ann


Newly arrived from Virginia - Mary Ann is our advanced horse capable of taking her riders past the basics.



Misty is another family 4H project but she has lots of get up and go to share with our younger but game students.

More Lesson Horses

Z Stjerne


Stjerne, Norwegian for Star, is new to the farm and still under assessment. She is a proven CDE driving horse and spent some time on a cattle ranch in Montana.