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Norwegian Fjord Horses, Lessons, and Boarding

Norwegian Fjord Horses, Lessons, and Boarding

Norwegian Fjord Horses, Lessons, and BoardingNorwegian Fjord Horses, Lessons, and Boarding

The Horses of Footnote Equestrian



D.L.R. Aldi came to us from Sunnyside Farms therapy program. She is trained as a PATH driving therapy horse but has also spent hours with special riders with emotional needs. Since coming to Footnote she has learned more arena basics and is very brave on the trail. She is as solid as they come for Walk/Trot and games for all levels of riders.



Deedee (CFHA registered name as Delta Dawn) found herself in a tough spot living on a mountain making lots of babies but her owner was in dire straights. She came here and despite being not well handled and very pushy, she was a survivor after all, has a heart of gold. Not one mean bone in her. She's healthy and is starting to develop into a great arena and trail horse. 

Jackie O Lantern


Jacki O Lantern came from the Oregon Horse Center family originally named Pumpkin I just couldn't help myself with renaming her - and she is a Jackie O cute and classy. She will be a fun lead line pony for our very smallest riders and will be a VSE (Very Small Equine) in driving harness.



Our senior statesman and my first fjord. He has Cushing's but is well managed. Together, Jenny and Kjanu showed the folks at A shows in S CA what a fjord can do in the H/J arenas. He has taught Jenny's nieces to ride and her husband too. He loves being a lesson horse but don't let his cool looks deceive you - he's still spunky!



Princess Leia is a family pet and 4H project for our family but she doesn't mind lending a hand as a lead line horse for our smallest and most timid riders



A fancy mover, Luke Skywalker was purchased from a friend in CA who is a great scout for hunter prospects. Luke is sure to be a great lesson horse and a lovely short stirrup hunter in time.

Mary Ann


Newly arrived from Virginia - Mary Ann is our advanced horse capable of taking her riders past the basics.



Misty is another family 4H project but she has lots of get up and go to share with our younger but game students.



Sky is a new pony for my own family but he'll also do light lesson duty. He is a 14 hh Welsh x QH gelding. He is sweet and quiet with a wonderful foundation of training over fencing and a history of fox hunting.

Z Stjerne


Stjerne, Norwegian for Star, has a long record of competing in CDE (Combined Driving Events - like 3Day Eventing with wheels!). She is learning how to be a great riding horse and we are excited to have her join the troupe!