Foals of 2016

Footnote's Akela

Akira x Pirke: Akela meaning "leader" and this girl is the children's favourite this filly has type and tradition in spades. She is gentle and a very easy filly. We have high hopes for incorporating her into our mare band.

Footnote's Maximus

Lisa x Mogly: You know the one's that steal your heart? We'll watch as this one grows but he might just be in the family for the long haul.

Footnote's Solfylt

Sole x Solfin Skova (imported in utero): our first foal of a different colour this girl is a white dun and will be tall. Because of her pedigree, colour, and size she will lilkely be joining our mare band in the future. (Update: sire Solfin Skova was Grand Champion at stallion show in Berlin, Germany 2017).

Fjord Geldings

Bo Fjord's Cloudy aka Kjanu

This is the horse that started it all. A horse of a lifetime.

Trinity's Kittil: mature gelding prospect

Looking for a new job now that his driving owners have retired from the sport Kittil is looking at helping us start our lesson program (eta 2018). If he doesn't pass all of his tests with us he will be available for sale as a pleasure riding and driving horse.